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Living with Reality

Upcoming short film made with the local talents!

My current film project with the team NSW

“Story of a migrant who migrates to Australia, to settle down with family. The struggles he faces in adopting the lifestyle, and what life experiences he got. Did he overcome those hurdles or not.”

Teaser is coming out 22nd February 2020 and make sure to check out, give me feedback, share with family and friends.

Film Making

I started working on "living with reality" after meeting my director Honston. He worked as a journalist back in Sri Lanka and after moving to Australia, his passion for film did not go way, making film and sharing story was the idea. Making film here for the Tamil film makers is one of the difficult task due to the limited professional technician. Honston was able to break some of those diffuseness by working on them but we still have long way to go.

The film will come out in 21st of March 2020 and you can watch the film at Event Cinema Parramatta 4.45PM and 5.45pm and tickets can purchased via EventBoss

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