I’m committed to the Greens’ vision for real change, and I’m passionate about the difference that key Green's ideas could make in Western Sydney.

Free Education

From early childhood, through to school, university and TAFE, education should be for free, no matter who you are. 

The Greens plan includes free, high quality early childhood education and public schools that meet everyone’s needs. 

We also will abolish student debts, and restore the TAFE system, which has been privatised by Liberal and Labor. 

And, we need to ensure that teachers, trainers, support staff, academics and early childhood educators are paid properly.  

Healthcare for all

The Greens will make dental and mental health care part of medicare, and reinvest the private health rebate back into the public system so we can slash wait times and remove out of pocket costs.    

By taxing the billionaires and big corporations we can expand Medicare to include free dental and mental health care, so that everyone can get the care they need, when they need it. 


This country was invaded. Sovereignty from First Nations people was never ceded. First Nations people were violently dispossessed, had their children stolen, their families separated and their lands, waters and skies stolen and destroyed.