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What if we could build a system where everyone has access to education? I want to use technology to provide online learning centres for remote villages. Can you help me?

I'm looking for used IT items (laptop, PC. smartphones or tablet) if you have used items still in good condition and less than 8 years then please contact me.

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Guess what? I'm finally back in Jaffna bus stand and this was one of my longest journeys. I enjoyed every part of it and I had good times talking to people, with the driver and found more about the private bus industry. This is one of the longest Vlog I did as well since I had covered the whole day journey but it was worthwhile. I had friends reaching to me who is parents from Point Pedro and have asked to do similar vlogs.are

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I'm taking you on the travel journey from Jaffna bus stand to Point Pedro from private bus 751 and back to Jaffna bus stand via 750. Did you know there are around 125 buses in both 750 & 751 altogether? Are they making a profit? or making a loss?

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